Achilles Heel of Livecode

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Dec 3 14:24:32 EST 2019

Paul Dupuis wrote:

 > I see "apps" that have fancy animated effects and spin pretty GIFs
 > while doing some task to let me know that the task is being done....
 > ... and all I can think is: If they dropped ALL the cute animation
 > crap and spent the CPU cycles on doing the task I wanted done, it
 > would get done in HALF the time!

With modern multi-core systems, small independent tasks like threaded 
GIFs would not impair performance of core business logic.  Indeed, 
without even the option of threaded GIF playback, it isn't possible to 
make a progress indicator that doesn't affect overall performance, in 
addition to having disturbingly jerky appearance.

But consider other common UI conventions, like a swipe transition. 
Swipes are common in mobile apps, very satisfying on touch devices, do 
not impair core logic performance - and are nearly impossible to 
implement in LC without an engine enhancement (or obviating the benefits 
of the card metaphor by putting your entire UI into groups on one card 
and hand-crafting your swipe handling).

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