button action different on Android

Nicolas Cueto niconiko at gmail.com
Tue May 29 21:34:24 EDT 2018

Developing a stack on windows, which has two groups of 30 buttons
contiguosly placed, and each button's settings are:


autohilite, sharedhilite, focuswithkeyboard, focusborder,
defaultbutton,disabled = FALSE

visible, opaque, show name, 3-D, showborder=TRUE

On Android, after a button is tapped, its appearance is inconsistent. It
looks either:
1. first depressed (inset?) and then un-depressed
2. first depressed and remains depressed

It seems the difference in appearance depends on the time length of the
tap, and perhaps too on how narrow/small the buttons are (my fingertip is
almost larger than the button height). If a tap is very brief, the button
returns to an un-depressed state; if longishly held, the button stays

However on windows, the buttons show no depressed-undepressed change. They
remain as they appear when mouse-clicked.

So, how can I get those buttons to work on Android the same as they do on
Windows, i.e, no depressed-undepressed appearance change?

Thank you.

Nicolás Cueto

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