iOS 12 compatibility

andrew at andrew at
Tue Jun 26 12:11:04 EDT 2018

I know the devs are working on including the new version of Xcode, but  
has anyone tried to run their apps in the iOS 12 beta? I installed it  
on my iPad and haven't had ANY luck. Every app that I've made (app  
store official & ad hoc install) either crashes or goes to black  
screen on iOS 12.

I didn't test iOS 10 before it was launched and ended up making a mad  
dash to modify and recompile my apps because they stopped working with  
something that Apple cooked up (iOS 9 was my first app release). iOS  
11 was a smooth transition for me, and iOS 12 may end up being the  
same, but I'm curious if anyone has has tested their work.

--Andrew Bell

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