Differences between Commercial and Community versions of LiveCode

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Tue Jun 5 23:32:14 EDT 2018

On 6/5/18 4:20 PM, Tom Glod via use-livecode wrote:
> so i went to check the standalone file from v9 ...and indeed the code
> cannot be seen.  in previous versions, I could clearly see the script text
> of a stack by opening it up in notepad++.....
> maybe i was hallucinating...... but i'm pretty sure i checked this before
> because of my own curiosities about this subject. can anyone confirm this
> change?

Yes, scripts in standalones used to be plain-text but that was a long 
time ago. It may have been LC 7 where it changed but I think it was even 
before that.

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