How to calm down the Standalone Builder?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Feb 6 01:35:25 EST 2018

I've been tasked with resurrecting an old app that was last built with 
MetaCard.  What I loved about MC was that it only did what I asked it 
to, so when it comes to building a standalone it couldn't be easier: it 
bound the engine to the stack file I wanted and that was it.  If I 
wanted anything else I scripted it.

Trying to build with LC is a nightmare.  It's fine for things that I've 
built specifically for the LC IDE (and since it's been years since I've 
used MC that's pretty much everything I work on), but this one is 
driving me crazy.

I'll spare you the step by step of all the weirdness I'm seeing (the 
duplicate stack warning about stacks in a "Windows" directory that 
doesn't exist, or the error dialog at the end that just displays raw 
error data, and everything in between), and just get to what I think is 
the point:

How do I tell LC's SB to not do a damn thing but attach the engine to my 
specified stack file?

I think what it's doing is running through the stackfiles property and 
then loading every stack in those files trying to 
remove/alter/preserver/gawdknowswhat with profiles.  But I never use 
profiles, never needed 'em, never cared for the idea, and all I really 
want is for LC to just stop poking around in things that aren't the 
stack file I'm trying to bind to.  But it seems all my guesses about the 
profile options are wrong, since I can't find a combination which is the 
equivalent of "Stop mucking around in other stack files and just do what 
I'm telling you to do!".

I can write a handler for the pre- and post-build messages, stripping 
and restoring the stackfiles listing.  If needed.  Seems silly to need 
that, though.

Am I mising something obvious to get LC's Standalone Builder to calm 
down and just do the one thing I need it to do?

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