How to calm down the Standalone Builder?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Feb 6 12:33:10 EST 2018

Bob Sneidar wrote:
 > That is exactly what I was complaining about. Apparently when the SB
 > creates the duplicate stack, it uses that path and modifies the
 > original mainstack if you try to build again. Now I only build for one
 > platform, and then I quit and relaunch for each build operation. That
 > keeps my original stackfile paths from becoming corrupted.

In my case my mainstack never gets corrupted; apparently the SB is doing 
what it's expected to do in modifying the copy of the stackfile only.

My problem is that it goes far beyond just building a standalone, 
opening up every stack in two directories I have adjacent to my 
mainstack and attempting to do gawdknowswhat with them.

Ideally there would be some option to leave other stack files alone 
unless I explicitly tell it to start monkeying with them.

I have no stack file inclusions, and have experimented with every option 
for Profiles (there doesn't seem to be one for "Ignore profiles since I 
never use them").

I just ran a test where I first clear the stackfiles property before 
building, yet the SB still insists on digging through these adjacent 
folders and opening every stack it finds.

I guess I'll have to step through the SB code to find the moment of this 
overdesign, and write a script to temporarily comment that out....

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