any tricks to make SHELL non blocking?

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> The Husband loves plumbing, it gives him the inspiration to learn all
> kinds of new colorful words. He puts it off as long as possible to savor
> the anticipation

There's nothing like the joy of going weeks of carting the water from the
kitchen sink down the hall, as it drains into a five gallon bucket, because
the sewer line is 100% blocked a couple of feet under the concrete slab
under the the living room.

Not even the thrill of the redneck connection of a garden hose to the
washing machine to run down the driveway, or even the 2'x22' trench three
feet deep across the room that you get to step over for a couple of days
 as the work is done and you wait for inspectors.

On the bright side, we replaced with ABS rather than cast iron, so it
should last a touch longer, and even the same 50 years means i wont be here
when it happens . . .

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