"module format not supported"

hh hh at hyperhh.de
Mon Feb 5 06:33:33 EST 2018

I'll answer only question 1 for a first aid.
Leave others to the team.

This is due to the *automatic* compilation by LC 9.0.0-dp11. This is
an idea that only makes sense for code which runs in both LC 8.1.8
and LC 9.0.0-dp11 and for modules that should only be used in LC9.

The result means your code wouldn't compile in LC 9.0.0-dp11.
Probably you have some "post" or "execute script" things to another
handler, for example from OnCreate to OnOpen.

First Aid: Uninstall the module and recompile it with LC 8.1.8.

Currently there are only two ways to avoid that.

(a) Don't use LC 9.0.0-dp11 (LC 9.0.0-dp10 is OK)
(b) Remove the lcb file from the lce (the lce is an ordinary zip,
so you can do that with revZip).Then it cannot be automatically
recompiled, shows only "module format not supported in LC 9". But
runs always in LC 8 (version > 8.1.4).

I use currently variant (b).

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