Editing fields in a data grid form.

Martin Koob mkoob at rogers.com
Sat Dec 15 18:02:17 EST 2018

I was experimenting with a Data Grid form to see if I could edit the text in
the fields of the form.

I used the sample stack from the LiveCode Lesson "Example: Creating a List
of People"

I found I could get the fields to open for editing if I revised the script
of the mouseDoubleUp script in the example stack to use the correct names
for the fields being edited.

Then I used the following lesson to see how to edit field content in a form.

How Can The User Edit Field Content in a Data Grid Form?

I added the handler CloseFieldEditor from this lesson to the DataGrid
behaviour.   First thing I found was there was an error generated in the
script editor by one line in the script.  That original script is commented
out below with the line with the error indicated.

I revised the CloseFieldEditor so that the new contents of the edited field
were in the theDataA variable.

However one the CloseFieldEditor handler was finished the the revised
contents of the field were not actually saved to the Data Grid.

Is there something I am missing here.

Below is the relevant handlers from the Data Grid's behaviour script.

Thanks for any suggestions on this.


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