Can't seem to build standalone in LC9.0.0

panagiotis merakos merakosp at
Sat Apr 7 02:06:40 EDT 2018

Hi Bill,

In the error msg I saw a reference to "openstack". In LC 9 (started in RC-1
I *think*) we no longer lock messages when building a standalone. This was
necessary to fix other problems and it is mentioned in the 9.0.0 Release
Notes under the section "Breaking Changes".

So I wild guess is that you get that error because when building the
standalone one of these stacks receives the "openstack" message, and does
things that should not be done while building a standalone. If this is the
case, you can add this in the (pre)openstack handlers of your stacks:

on openstack
   if the mode of stack "revStandaloneProgress" > 0 then
     exit openstack
   end if
end openstack

The same applies to "(pre)opencard", "closeStack".

Please let us know if this fixes the problem.


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