Beacons and Bluetooth

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Wed Sep 27 11:37:16 EDT 2017

Hi All,

I thought I would post a link to a forum post I made -- Nobody seems to
have a an answer even a simple yes/no
or even a fully fledged Stack with Scott Rossi designed UI it seems ;-)

Better men than me have done this "double posting" - Hi Todd

KIndest Regards Lagi

-- Here is the post to save clicking around

Hi All,

I have found a couple of posts that say you can use beacons specifically
Ibeacons with Livecode and Monte's MergBLE

In one thread Dixie says he used beacons with the MergCL
external instead (why)

>From my understanding when MergEXT was bought in and Monte came for the
Ride  :D it was only for IOS but promised that it would be extended for
other operating systems

In another thread, someone asks can Beacons be controlled using Livecode
and QuailCreek answers MergBLE is available in the Indy and Business
versions but doesn't say it doesn't work in Android thus intimating that it
can be used in both mobile operationg systems.

The Documentation/Dictionary says OS - IOS/OSX and PLatforms -
Desktop/Mobile - not very specific as IOS is mobile in the Platforms and
the Word Mobile suggests BOTH IOS and Android.

My questions are thus (for other time challenged seekers of Livecode Wisdom
from the trenches)

1. Can MergBL be used with Android
2. if Not then How best to do it
3. Is there any more (any?) documentation other than standard API/header
calls -
Don't Make me think - show me the Banana

4. Any other Wisdom , Tips, Tricks, Do's and Don'ts (will save others a
hell of a lot of searching I hope)
5. A fully working stack with Beautiful GUI crafted by Scott Rossi that
does everything I would ever need with a beacon (except the ordering of
Coffee and Eggs when the Fridge is empty) - well it's worth a try  :wink:

KIndest Regards Lagi

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