HTML5 and Copy and Pasting of graphics?

JOHN PATTEN johnpatten at
Fri Sep 22 15:24:54 EDT 2017

Hi All!

I am pretty sure I did a copy and paste from card 2 to card 1 in a HTML5 project.  I may have been dreaming though :)

I have two cards. First card has a button with this script:

on mouseUp
copy grc "circle" of cd 2

do paste

set the loc of last grc of cd 1 to 100,100

end mouseUp

The second card has a blue circle graphic.

I save this out as an html5 project load it into on-rev. ( <>)

And it does not work???

HTML5 does not allow for copy and past of grcs from one card to another?

Thank you!

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