Constraining an input field's contents to be a single line.

Mike Kerner MikeKerner at
Wed Sep 20 22:15:46 EDT 2017

The easiest thing to do is to use a mobile input field, but if you aren't
interested in doing that,
Let's see:
Crazy idea that I haven't tried 1:  You might be able to trap the field
getting the focus, and if it does get the focus, lock the screen until you
can process textChanged, keyDown, etc., remembering to re-lock the screen
each time.
Crazy idea that I haven't tried 2: You might also be able to use two layers
- a transparent field with transparent text and a display field with normal
text.  When the user does something on the transparent field, you process
it and update the display field underneath.  That would allow you to
capture the return and ignore it.

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> yes it does.
> Bob S
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> >
> > If "textchanged" triggers on paste, you can probably use that..
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