Moving on from 8.* to 9.*

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Thu Sep 21 00:18:21 EDT 2017

all mute

1) using 9. that old doesn’t' work for us.. We have got too much vested in  8.* that works well, can't risk it.

2) 45 minutes into using 8.2.0 DP1 I had so many issues and problems that I was force to abandon that too. Simple things like  setting Select Grouped to true and then resizing manually a field which is in a sub group of a larger group. 

I just dragged the handle on the right side of the group to make it wider and the whole stack window "blew up" weird blocks of odd color, all UI elements completely gone. there after things started failing mouse message not working, strange behaviors… like clicking on an object in the Project browser, refused to select it and number of other "expected" responses from the IDE start to also die.  Yikes Bail, do not save do not pass go. save nothing now…

reboot, try again, didn't get better. 

The project was to try and "flatten" a big parent group, with sub-groups, buy editing the "Big Mama" group and then selecting the sub groups and ungrouping them. I had a bead on what I wanted to do and was working really fast… 

if I were to a generalize "problem" I think the whole interaction between nested groups, making selections in the stack UI itself and from within the PB… internally it's as if LC/IDE is loosing track… in particular, the run time updating of the PB is definitely not tracking what I'm doing in the UI. I would keep twirling down the menu and closing it back up. groups of objects I had ungrouped were still showing as grouped.  Frequently the whole PB just goes completely blank, top to bottom. To refresh requires closing it, saving the stack then opening the PB again. I would switch to the revApplicationOverview, but have gotten "addicted" to the PB's wonderful little script number of lines buttons…where you can see if it is an external behavior or the script is in the stack itself.  

Suspect:  if the PB is "stuck" with old information and you have changed something in the UI itself, then if you try to change properties of objects and groups from inside the PB itself, bad things start to happen. I'm really just guessing but it’s as if the PB is a map to the stack(s) and groups of objects there in, but if you start changing things inside the stack(s) and the PB is not up to date, then the map of the internal landscape of object starts to fail because messages to the architecture made with items selected by clicking on the PB…  as if it the plane was pointed to NY… but then I go into the cockpit and point the plane to Chicago, Then go back to "remoted control from the ground" (the Project Browser)  the PB still thinks it is going to NY, so then if I attempt to use the PB add fuel to the plane from inside the PB which still things the plane is on a path to NY, nothing happens,  and things start to fail… 

I realize this is the most horrible bug report possible, and it’s a real wild "guess" but I don't have time for this right now to create "recipes for failures.

I'm back on 8.1.6. GIT save me… … at least I was not too far along in a new branch that I could just stop and delete everything I had done in 8.2 by deleting that entire branch. Shut down, LC, revert to 8.1.6 and start fresh with a new branch off nightly. Still, it cost me 2 hours…, anyway, always do things better the second pass…

Back to flattening big groups.. why? because scrolling is horrible, so we  have to refactor the architecture that was dependent on names of sub groups which are now all "disappearing" (as I ungroup the sub groups) along with the behavior attached to those subgroups

I have to find a new way to get the target from a "row" when there are no "rows" as such any more in the group. Where a "row" is now just three objects in layer (e.g.) 5,6.7 … a long series of direct child objects.  These kinds of groups scroll smoothly. so, it's worth it. 
Thanks to Jacque for the clever trick of setting all object on top of a background to "disabled" such that the mousecontrol is the object behind the others. FYI "disabled" is not a property exposed in the PI, but is an effective prop for an image object nevertheless.  What fun… 

Hopefully DataGrid2 solves this, though rumors are that it really doesn't… "above my pay grade" 

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    That said, dp6 seems pretty stable to me, so if you don't mind being six 
    months out of date, it's worth a look, especially if you can install it 
    on a separate machine or VM. I wouldn't trust production-ready code to 
    it, though.

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