New "Make Docset" stack uploaded

James Hale james at
Wed Sep 13 03:17:31 EDT 2017

Uploaded a new revision to "Make DocSet"

Any users should download the new version and remake your docset.
Please remember to delete the old docset from the list of docsets in the preferences of Dash before loading the new one.

Version 1.2

Note: Currently Dash does not recognise "glossary" nor "Control Structure" as an entry type.
These entries are currently shown under the "Variables" entry in Dash.
I have written to ask these types be included.

• Bug fix on dictionary links appearing in description texts.

• Adjusted filenaming convention to correctly handle $ & [ and other characters that require encoding but that does not interfere with hrefs.

• Special case for <>,<,>,<=,>= in sqlite index

• Modified interface, added release notes, moved plist and css to own pages

• Add ability to set location of docset

• Now deletes any previous docsets

* Progress indication.

• Really correctly corrected embarassing typo!


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