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"more of a shift coming" from where to where?  If you mean toward Android? Agreed.

there is an "explosion" going on in Asia right now, think "nuclear blast" of Android device deployments. India's demonetizing also adding to that. No longer a matter a rising middle class, every rickshaw driver, taximan, street chappati vendor and boatman and kid in a remote village has to have one You can  pay your boatman right on his phone. he will them buy his groceries in town from his phone. Nary a rupee note in sight

This, from just last month, is huge….

And every young person, even in the most remote schools. I asked a teacher from Bengal who works in the remote areas of the incredibly beautiful mangroves… schools you can only reach by boat, "do the kids have phones?"  think it would only be a few… Answer "who does *not* have a phone!" and they arent' just using them for phone, the "smart" side is important. they may be off line 50%of the time, but download apps when they are in town. 40% of the younger generation can at least read English, you might not be able to talk to them, but they will engage with your app(s)  less so for those over 35, so even If you are not localized in Bengali, you could easily get  huge user base who we be delighted to see it all in English…  

MicroMax Evok Note: "starts from Rs 9,499" That's under US$16.00 per device! 

for this:

Display 5.50-inch Processor 1.3GHz octa-core
Front Camera 5-megapixel Resolution 1080x1920 pixels
RAM 3GB OS Android
Storage 32GB Rear Camera13-megapixel
Battery Capacity 4000mAh

The goal in India is every single citizen, ever youth everyone.. wired and on line, China no doubt the same… combined population: 2.6 billion  at just 77%, that's 2 billion android users, not that's not just me blowing smoke.. that's where this is headed. Well sure, some nouveau riche will get iPhones… 

So yes, this you can feel the user base shift "rumbling" under our feet.
It would be great if LC got the Android platform 100% wired…

I just pushed our latest app to the iOS store today, waiting for review…. fingers crossed… Android still not super stable… hope to finish testing this week. Works well in iOS, keeps crashing on android. There is Tamil music and Gujarati Audio books in there. I setting up monitoring on our servers. If the android version doesn’t' crash too much and we get app retention in India, we are going to be hit very hard.

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    I'd say LC should be putting some more effort into Android.  I feel even
    more of a shift coming.

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