Android Audio Playback & Recording

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Wed Sep 13 06:57:08 EDT 2017

Hi Al

Thanks for the link, I had seen it previously but didn't understand how I could incorporate it into my app!  I've no experience with code-wrapping or creating lcb widgets, so I can't see how I proceed with what looks like a solution!!  Any help, in simple steps, gratefully received.

Also, thanks for the links regarding the hard bit of comparing sounds. I've been thinking of doing this a different way, if possible - voice-to-text and then compare the text with the target text using some fuzzy matching. This could be another hard thing of course??

By the way (thanks BR) I did get the mobilePlaySoundOnChannel to work after fixing some code stupidity on my part. So I can play the clips OK.

Peter Reid
Loughborough, UK

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> About Android Audio Recording using LiveCode,
> check this and read the comments for very
> useful additional information:
> Al

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