Web vs Native (was Re: HTML5 limitations?)

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Wed Jul 26 10:17:26 EDT 2017

I believe Rick's "Why" here is key to much of what we may be doing over 
the next couple years.

We developers currently find ourselves in a very strange place:

On desktop, the requests are "Web! Web! Web!"

On mobile, they're "Apps! Apps! Apps!"

If the web offers advantages that can't be matched with native apps, why 
is this perceived as true for the desktop but not for mobile?

If native apps offer advantages that can't be matched with the web, why 
is this perceived as true for mobile but not for the desktop?

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Rick Harrison wrote:

 > Why does the client want to move the project over to HTML5?
 > What advantage does he/she think it is going to provide that
 > the current setup does not?
 > Based on the complexity of what you already have going I think
 > it could be a very serious waste of time and energy.
 > It’s easier to just have a website where your users download
 > whatever version they need for their computer.  One for macOS,
 > one for Windows, and one for Unix.  If you need mobile versions
 > you can create them too.
 > Trying to convert everything so it all runs in a client’s web-browser,
 > and too slowly at that considering all of your animations, I just
 > don’t see it.  You would be better off knowing you have all of
 > LC’s engine capabilities in your app than in trusting something
 > that is still listed as experimental - although soon to become beta.
 > On the other hand if your client has very very deep pockets, and
 > isn’t in a rush to get it all done by tomorrow, you could make a
 > lot of money struggling with trying to get it all working.
 > Good luck with whatever you do!

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