Web vs Native (was Re: HTML5 limitations?)

Roger Eller roger.e.eller at sealedair.com
Wed Jul 26 10:32:12 EDT 2017

As for in-house or "corporate" mobile, they seem to also want everything to
be web based as well.  I tried real hard to get LiveCode accepted for
mobile development, but they only wanted a tool that could create secure
html5 apps.  This was back when LC html5 was only in early planning.


On Wed, Jul 26, 2017 at 10:17 AM, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode <
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> I believe Rick's "Why" here is key to much of what we may be doing over
> the next couple years.
> We developers currently find ourselves in a very strange place:
> On desktop, the requests are "Web! Web! Web!"
> On mobile, they're "Apps! Apps! Apps!"
> If the web offers advantages that can't be matched with native apps, why
> is this perceived as true for the desktop but not for mobile?
> If native apps offer advantages that can't be matched with the web, why is
> this perceived as true for mobile but not for the desktop?
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> Rick Harrison wrote:
> > Why does the client want to move the project over to HTML5?
> > What advantage does he/she think it is going to provide that
> > the current setup does not?
> >
> > Based on the complexity of what you already have going I think
> > it could be a very serious waste of time and energy.
> >
> > It’s easier to just have a website where your users download
> > whatever version they need for their computer.  One for macOS,
> > one for Windows, and one for Unix.  If you need mobile versions
> > you can create them too.
> >
> > Trying to convert everything so it all runs in a client’s web-browser,
> > and too slowly at that considering all of your animations, I just
> > don’t see it.  You would be better off knowing you have all of
> > LC’s engine capabilities in your app than in trusting something
> > that is still listed as experimental - although soon to become beta.
> >
> > On the other hand if your client has very very deep pockets, and
> > isn’t in a rush to get it all done by tomorrow, you could make a
> > lot of money struggling with trying to get it all working.
> >
> > Good luck with whatever you do!

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