read larger data streams over sockets - broken?

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Wed Dec 6 21:12:39 EST 2017

May not mean anything for your use case, but I have built an in-house revision control system for InDesign documents… it's been in use for several years after the death of Adobe VersionCue (which was a night mare anyway) our team loves it: super simple, never fails, we never lose data, ever. 

I use shell commands for everything.  not sure why you need sockets if you are just copy files around…from our Macs to the Synology server in the next room… 

my long stack script just manages different  

put format "mv \"someFile\", \"newFileName\"  # into cmdRename
cp # similar strings


get shell cmdRename

and the OS does everything..

If you want to see the stack you are welcome. It's being used (or was) by some publication team in Singapore for the same work.

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    Is anyone else having problems with moving multi-MB data streams across 
    sockets in LC 8?
    I support a LAN-based system that relies on sockets to move data between 
    server and clients. The server's response to a single client request 
    will often consist of several hundred KB to several MB of data. Until LC 
    8 the successful approach has been:

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