Livecode Content Management System

Dave Kilroy dave at
Sun Dec 3 16:26:23 EST 2017

Well of course if you put it that way I don’t want to do anything to discourage exploration, let a 1,000 flowers bloom etc and I’d love to see a LC CMS

However our community IS a lot smaller than Python’s...

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Richard Gaskin wrote:

> revIgniter is one of the best open source projects in the LiveCode 
> community.  Ralf's work has been truly exemplary, with a solid 
> implementation, some of the best docs for any such system, and an 
> unusually responsive support that shows him fixing bugs and refining 
> features in near-real time. 
> It may be that revIgniter is an excellent fit for what Alex has in mind. 
> But if we look at web frameworks for other languages, we see most 
> languages have more than one framework.  This is natural and to be 
> expected, since not every web development workflow will be identical. 
> Consider CMSes made with Python: 
> < <>> 
> Nearly 20 in that list, each addressing a set of needs different from 
> the others, so that collectively Python can be used in a very wide range 
> of contexts. 
> I believe this is where LiveCode will inevitably wind up some day as 
> well.  Or at least so I hope. 
> In the Python world, the most popular CMS by far is Django, and all 
> others pale by comparison in popularity.  I suspect the same will remain 
> true with revIgniter for the foreseeable future; the quality of Ralf's 
> stewardship will retain its valuable position in our community. 
> But I would not discourage exploration of other ways of working.  Any 
> single framework will embody one way of thinking, and no matter how good 
> it is other thought is possible. 
> I think it's a sign of a healthy platform when an ecosystem has more 
> than just one of a given resource type. 

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