Why is node.js faster than LC server?

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Mon Dec 4 07:47:00 EST 2017

Thinking about this further...

Could we set up LiveCode to run on a VPS, so it is always live and listening to a port. When a request comes in, it would use TSnet to send an asynchronous request to a local database. When TSnet gets the callback, it passes the data back to LC, which processes it and passes the information to the user through the port. 

This would always be asynchronous and thus never get hung up waiting for a long request. It seems like it could be quite fast. Would that work?

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> On Dec 4, 2017, at 6:32 AM, jonathandlynch at gmail.com wrote:
> In looking at node.js it seems that two things stand out - LC server waits for the database to send a reply, rather than setting an event listener, and perhaps node.js launches faster when a request comes in?
> Is this accurate? Could LC server be modified to run as fast as node? I would love to feel comfortable using LC server for millions of users simultaneously - which I realize would take more than just speeding up the server software.
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