Livecode Content Management System

Dave Kilroy dave at
Sun Dec 3 07:57:01 EST 2017

Hi Alex

My instinct would be to build on revIgniter rather than start another (possibly competing) project - I would be much more likely to contribute to an enriched revIgniter than to two disjointed projects

My two penneth…

Kind regards


Alex Tweedly wrote:

> I'm looking for (initial) interest, previous experience, comments, etc. 
> Every few [ = 4 to 8] months for the last few [= 2 to 3] years, I've 
> been either building a new website for someone, or making significant 
> changes/enhancements to an existing one. Almost every time, unless the 
> changes are very small, I've decided that I really *should* convert it 
> to use a 'proper' CMS - e.g. Wordpress. 

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