attaching my group id to a control in a subgroup

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> Can you have a function in the appropriate group that returns its unDna?
> This way, it will not matter about any subgrouping.
> Function MyUnDna
> Return the unDna of me
> End MyUnDna
> It would need to be a group-level function, which isn't a problem.  I'm
always hesitant, though, to rely on "me"  [and finding "me" in the
dictionary is an adventure in itself . . .  {now *Bug 20289*
<> - "me" is nearly
impossible to find in dictionary }]

if I have the structure


and define in rawRow (actually, in it's behavior)

on getProp uDna

return the uDna of me

end getProp

will this do what I mean?

Seems nice, clean, elegant and fast . . . and doesn't involve a bunch of
redundant setting . . .
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