Bad Crash on Attempt to Group Radio Buttons

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Wed Aug 23 02:16:57 EDT 2017

All crashes are bugs and need reporting. It sounds like in this case you 
had individual objects selected and tried to edit those as you would a 
group. The engine couldn't handle it. I've not had a crash if a group 
itself is selected when I choose "edit group".

To create a group inside another one, edit the "outside" group and then 
create the inner group.

On 8/22/17 10:47 PM, Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami via use-livecode wrote:
> I had just now a really bad crash in 8.1.6
> created custom control/group
> then I needed to create two groups of five @ radio buttons in that group.
> I layed out the radio buttons and then with selectedGroupedControls selected, I tried to group one set of radio buttons by selecting them and click "Group" but the IDE beeped at me.
> So that thought, well maybe I have to added the group before I can group any child controls
> So I went to the edit group in the menu bar, with those five controls still selected and LC crashed, "winked out"
> This is not the first time I've experience issues with sub groups of a parent group, but rarely has it completely bombed like this.
> fortunately no corrupt stack…
> Before I report… anyone seeing this or know this has been addressed in more recent versions.
> BR
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