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Bob Sneidar wrote:

 > I suppose it depends on what your priorities are. If I could be
 > virtually guaranteed that going to a web site wouldn't hijack my
 > computer, and there were alternatives to having a native file system
 > so that it wasn't nearly so important (the iOS does have a file system
 > it's just sandboxed heavily) and there were apps that would do
 > virtually everything I could commonly do on another OS, I might be
 > tempted to take the hit.

Ultimately everything is hackable.



Attempts on Android are high, but actual exploits in the wild much 
smaller, and mostly limited to Asian markets:

Out of the box, iOS and Android are both pretty secure, nearly on par 
and both safer than just about any desktop OS, even macOS.  It's the 
Chinese knock-offs who ship "Android-compatible" systems without 
Google's protections where things tend to go wrong.  Same with 
jailbroken iPhones.

Don't go out of your way to thwart built-in security, don't click links 
or attachments in strange emails, and don't visit strange web sites, and 
your odds of having your device infected, even a Windows PC, are pretty low.

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