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On 2017-08-14 10:38, Monte Goulding via use-livecode wrote:
>> Oh, please not backtick! The character is awkward to type (its one of 
>> the ones that moves around a lot on keyboard layouts) and difficult to 
>> read (and always makes me think something more is going on - e.g. as 
>> in bash scripts!).

Hehe, well, thoughts evolve as time goes by ;)

The point here is that if we *were* to use back-tick then it would be 
worth considering making it escape capable *and* interpolate capable - 
i.e. there would be more going on. It would certainly solve one part of 
the balancing act in terms of what people may want to use ' and " 
delimited strings. (I'd suggest making it syntactic sugar for 

However, there are other options too - at the end of the day is 
'format("...")' actually too onerous on occasions you want escaping? 
Something to think about, perhaps.

> Mind you we have all written a _lot_ of markdown since then so
> backtick is probably much more palatable. I’m happy to change the PR
> to use backtick if that’s preferred and I can either drop the single
> quote thing or make it work but without escapes as an option for
> strings with double quotes.

As I said in my previous email, there is more work to do here in terms 
of working out what needs to be done (as pre-requisites), and what is 
best before playing with any more code. There are too many options which 
have not been sufficiently compared and contrasted in detail - personal 
preference just isn't good enough here; we have to look carefully at 
what problems we need to solve, and work out the balance between power, 
balance and ergonomics.

Warmest Regards,


P.S. We should see if we can schedule some time in the next sprint to 
actually do that analysis properly and *then* garner feedback.

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