Android App Woes

Dan Friedman dan at
Mon Aug 14 12:46:55 EDT 2017

Ok… I found something!   When my app launches, it opens a second stack.  It’s this second stack that I enable acceleratedRendering.  If this stack’s acceleratedRendering = true, then we crash on re-entry.   On a whim, I thought, “maybe there’s a problem in LC if there are multiple stacks open and their acceleratedRendering settings are not the same?”.  So, as a test, when I set the acceleratedRendering of stack B, I also set stack A to the same setting.  BAM!   It’s stopped crashing when the app is resumed.

Can anyone confirm this behavior?  If so, we’ll get it listed as a bug.   And we’ll have a work-around until it’s fixed.


> I have built my android app with LC 8.1.5.   It runs fine on the device.
> You then hit the home button to return to the OS.  Tap the app icon
> again and you get “Unfortunatly, [appName] has stopped.”.  Tap the icon again and
> it does a complete reboot of the app.   Apps made in LC 7 did not have this
> issue, they stayed running in the background – like an app should.   Is
> there a trick to getting an Android app from LC 8.1.5 to behave like it should?
> I can’t deliver an app to my client that (a) doesn’t stay alive in the
> background, and (b) crashes every other launch.
> Anyone have any insight on this??
> -Dan

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