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Mon Aug 14 04:38:49 EDT 2017

> On 14 Aug 2017, at 5:45 pm, Mark Waddingham via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> P.S. There is another quote-like char which could be used for an implicitly merged / escaped string literal - back-quote - `...`. So that should be considered too - one option would be single-quote and double-quote delimited strings are the same beyond the quote char; but back-quote delimited strings do more work, i.e. de-escape and potentially interpolate. (Of course, this does add *more* symbols to the language - but one thing symbols are good for is readable bracketing, so maybe that's a good justification).

Haha… to quote you some 4 years ago after I suggested backtick:

> Oh, please not backtick! The character is awkward to type (its one of the ones that moves around a lot on keyboard layouts) and difficult to read (and always makes me think something more is going on - e.g. as in bash scripts!).

Mind you we have all written a _lot_ of markdown since then so backtick is probably much more palatable. I’m happy to change the PR to use backtick if that’s preferred and I can either drop the single quote thing or make it work but without escapes as an option for strings with double quotes.



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