Script Editor Enhancment Variable name columns

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Mon Aug 7 13:23:36 EDT 2017

In de-bug mode, SW variable tab/window/pane at the bottom… I am "forever" having to resize the left column, which typically has relatively short variable name strings


etc. but the algorithm behind the column sizing appear to spit the window.

it                                                                              | someValue
pURL                                                                      |…. etc.

So the useful  info  on the right column, the variable values are  off screen

Would it be good if the left column measure the max sting length of the vars and then "shrank" accordingly

it                      | someValue
pURL              |…. etc.

I would prefer that long vars be truncated…. if we step into a handler that has var strings wider than the column. Typically we know what our vars are… what we are watching are the values.



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