Video plays on Win 8.1 only when Windows MediaPlayer is open

Tiemo Hollmann TB toolbook at
Thu Aug 3 02:59:04 EDT 2017


LC 8.1.4, Windows 8.1

I am using the Windows standard videoPlayer API DirectShow with h.264
videos. LAV filters for playback of h.264 are installed. On a customer
machine something weired happens.

After starting the video, the videoscreen stays black, no video is seen.

If the user klicks at the title bar of my program window and drags it around
the screen, the video is seen. When he stops, the video keeps black.

So I thought, this must be a strange issue of how the graphic card handles
the screen/video buffer. I also tested with alwaysbufferon true/false
without any change of the issue.

By chance the user tested to play one of my videos in the standard Microsoft
MediaPlayer (which worked fine) and while this MediaPlayer is open, all
videos can also be seen in my program. As soon, as the MediaPalyer is
closed, the videos again can't be seen in my program. I have no idea, what
could be the releated issue between the Microsoft MediaPlayer and the
LiveCode VidePlayer, especially, because the MS MediaPlayer uses the Media
Foundation API and LC the DirectShow API. The only explanation for me would
be, that the MediaPlayer switches a system jumper behind the sceens, which
changes anything in handling the video buffer, but as I don't have any more
known options in LC as "alwaysBufferOn", I have no idea, if there is
anything I could test or check anymore.

Any ideas welcome.





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