Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Wed Aug 2 22:35:43 EDT 2017

Richmond Mathewson wrote:

> A EULA is NOT a legally binding agreement....

Your mind seems well made up; I would not try to convince you otherwise.

For others here looking to publish and comply with EULAs:

I do not claim to be licensed to give legal advice.  My opinions are 
only that, formed from having read a bit of trade press on relevant case 
law over the years.

EULA terms vary so broadly that I've never seen a single judgment 
attempt to validate or invalidate the lot of them. On the contrary, the 
practice of IP law seems complex and nuanced; courts have found some 
clauses invalid while enforcing others.  Individual terms may vary, as 
do details of judgment by jurisdiction.  But I've read no case in which 
EULAs as a whole were dismissed, and many to the contrary.

Here's a very small sampling of cases related to EULA judgments:

There are many others available on the web.

Again, nothing I've written should be construed as legal advice.  If you 
need the services of an attorney you should contact a professional 
licensed to practice in your area.

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