how to get the value of a custom property if the name of the cProperty is in a variable?

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Wed Aug 2 19:33:08 EDT 2017

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> You can put the name of the property into a local var and use that (unless
> I misunderstood the problem).

That's what I do

> Of course, if you'd like to file a bug report / enhancement about being
> able to do 'the "mycustompropname" of ... - then that is probably the
> 'future' much better solution :

I've given thought to that on and off--but I don't see a way thats both
consistent with specifying a text string, and with the usage for other

Oh, wait; now I remember:  allow the use of quoted text in the property
reference.  At the moment,

the "catness" of control "dog"

refers not to the catness property, but to a property whose name begins
with a quote.  I think that *this* is an inconsistency and a bug.

OK, filed as *Bug 20228* <>
 - quotes taken as literal rather than as a delimiter when referring to
custom properties
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