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Wed Aug 2 19:12:08 EDT 2017

Hello everyone,

I just put my app on a galaxy tab E as a test.

It is painfully slow, but not just in the LC portion of the app. The map, delivered through a browser widget, is also slow. 

So, I used the regular browser (chrome) at the webglearth website. That was slow too, although not as bad. I think the main difference was that the map div at their website is small, so it takes less processing power.

I had thought I selected a midlevel Android device that can handle moderate amounts of computation.

In y'alls' experience, are android devices just slow? Do they have inferior graphics processors? If you make computationally heavy apps for Android, do you just warn users that the app will only work on some devices?

I want this to work on as many devices as possible, but 3D maps require lots of processing.



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