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> I will be forever grateful to the Livecode team that they have saved me
> from having to learn C++.

I've lost track of how many languages I've learned and used over the last
decades.  I've even written major sections in languages that I didn't
bother to learn, and edited code in languages I've never learned.

They all come back easily--except C and especially C++.  I have to relearn
these every time (OK, C scope and variable return sticks around.  Boy do I
want {} scoping in LiveCode, but I digress).

Even having written a mail merge feature for LyX that danced circles around
what MS Word could do at the time (or, I believe, that it can do now) in C
(or was it C++), it rushed back out of my brain as quickly as it could  . .

As long as I remember that there is no such construct as "send someMessage
to every control on this card", I can come back to hypertalk at full speed
after years of not using it . . . (then again, I"m one of those people that
remembers the Calculus "chain rule" several years later when I needed it
[and got it right!])

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