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Alex Tweedly alex at
Sun Jan 31 19:51:22 EST 2016

Very nice, Roger - thanks.

There have been a number of versions of 'Boids' posted to the list over 
the years - at least 5 now !

I just checked back, and my one (posted on the original version of 
revOnline, and misplaced during the upgrade) was sometime late in 2004 - 
and I'm pretty sure Andre's was before that :-)

Anyway - thanks for this, not only is it great looking, it has inspired 
me to dig out my old version (and my list of features I had planned to 
add but never did). I just finished my tax return (UK deadline is Jan 
31st :-), so I was in need of a fun project to occupy my mind for the 
next few days :-)

-- Alex.
btw - I really like the Wikipedia button !!

On 30/01/2016 02:12, Roger Guay wrote:
> Building on Scott Rossi’s Swarm stack, I’ve managed to build my version of swarming Boids. In my FlockOBoids stack, boids are given a diverse set of initial velocity vectors, and then they are subject to 3 simple rules: First they all try to fly to the center of the flock. Second, they try to buddyup if they get close enough to each other, and third, they avoid colliding with other boids.
> You can see and play with this here:
> Thanks for the idea, Scott.
> Cheers,
> Roger
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