snapshot and animation capture

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Wed Jan 27 17:27:32 EST 2016

I thought this might make an interesting read, so the demo stack is
included in an article:

Hope this works for you.


Scott Rossi
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>Hi Matt:
>I have a method for a resizable masked window that requires LC7 -- I'll
>try to post something later today or tomorrow.  As far as image animation
>goes, I have a very vague memory that LC used to be able to export
>animated GIF images, but that may have been static images only.  You may
>indeed need to go with a 3rd party option -- hopefully somebody else has a
>suggestion for this.
>Scott Rossi
>Creative Director
>Tactile Media, UX/UI Design
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>>I need to be able to easily capture stuff the user is seeing on their
>>screen so that they can import it into my application without having to
>>navigate the file manager multiple times. There's some good screen
>>stuff already in Livecode, but what I'm picturing is an actual window
>>a hole in it the user can position and leave there so they know what's
>>going to be captured multiple times. Like gifcam
>>There doesn't seem to be a way to set the background of a window to
>>transparent. There is a way to mask the window using a transparent .png,
>>but that won't allow the user to resize the window. At the moment the
>>mechanism I can come up with is to screencap what's behind the window
>>time the user moves or resizes it and display that in the window so that
>>looks like it's transparent. Is there a better way?
>>Also, in addition to capturing still images, I'd like the user to be able
>>to capture animated images (as an alternative to video). So, that part
>>would be exactly like gifcam. The only mechanism I've found for that is
>>export each frame and then use something external like imagemagik to
>>them together into an animation.
>>- Matt

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