Getting the long name(or ID) of a control

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Wed Jan 27 01:47:34 EST 2016

On 1/27/2016 12:15 AM, Scott Rossi wrote:
> I think it was Jacque who pointed
> out a while back that quoting control names results in slightly faster
> execution, since the engine doesn't need to determine if your word is a
> variable or an object name.

I don't know if it was me, but it's true and in some cases it's more 
than just slightly faster. I was hired to help speed up a stack that ran 
painfully slow, and saw that there were unquoted literals everywhere. 
Basically, none were quoted at all (it was an old HC stack and people 
had bad habits back then.) I told him to first add all the quotes and 
send it back to me, and then I'd look at it again.

He wrote back and said he didn't need me any more, the stack ran as fast 
as blazes and was completely fixed. You'd probably never notice a few 
unquoted literals, but if they're everywhere it makes a difference.
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