"fork" command?

Todd Fabacher tfabacher at gmail.com
Thu Jan 7 20:36:34 EST 2016

Yes, Monte is correct, we switch our servers to Node.JS simply because of
the ease of use, speed and productivity gains.

BUT...there is tremendous power is using one language as a solution. The
barrier of entry for most LiveCoders is very high to get a proper cloud
App. If like LC had a solution like Node.JS where you could just drop it on
the server. list your scripts, start up the server and BINGO one cloud
server ready to go - it would be HUGE.  FASTCGI did not offer many
advantages over Node.JS, and we are quite happy with it. but Now I need to
keep a person on staff who specialize it at the cost of over $100K.

The future of LiveCode is the cloud any way you turn, even if you do
traditional desktops. All this talk about HTML5 without a good, simple and
fast web server is just BS because it is the weak link in the chain. Any
productivity gain you might get in HTML5 or LC are going to be killed
trying to create a REST API server for your app.

I would for sure support any web server with this functionality. I also
think this would be a great opportunity to the LC community to step up and
do this on it's own as a independent project and let LC guys stay focused.
What do you think Monti and Richard?


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