Subject: Re: "fork" command?

Todd Fabacher tfabacher at
Thu Jan 7 20:17:04 EST 2016

+1 for Me also

I would for sure would support funding for this. LiveCode in a Node.JS like
solution would be a KILLER!!! Especially if there was a direct connection
to MongoDB which we are HEAVY users of.


> Le 7 janv. 2016 ? 20:03, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at> a
?crit :
> I'm just far enough into Robert Love's "Linux System Programming" that I
think the solution to FastCGI may be much simpler than I'd previously
<?snip ?>

> Forking seems so common in other tools, and not having it appears to be
the one detail standing between where we are now and having not just
FastCGI, but also being able to build truly excellent application servers
on par with Node.js and other similar systems.
> LiveCode is a great language, and if we had the ability to fork we should
be able to build a wide range of powerful, scalable, efficient systems,
breaking far beyond the limitations of CGI we're limited to now.

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