"fork" command?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Fri Jan 8 20:27:50 EST 2016

Monte Goulding wrote:

 >> On 9 Jan 2016, at 11:45 AM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
 >> I've used that and it seems to work well enough, but my concern is
 >> that if scaled large enough it may be even better to not have a
 >> single instance handling all connections.
 > Isn't that when you deploy your app on EC2 instances with Elasitc
 > Load Balancer and all your static content served by CloudFront
 > from S3?

If Amazon was the only way to run web sites that assumption would be 

But needs vary. Amazon's great for many things, but no single solution 
is the best option for all needs. For example, game servers like Eve 
Online don't use Amazon.

Everything in life involves tradeoffs.  Having managed elastic VPSes 
valuable for many contexts but isn't a free ride - file I/O is one of 
several consideration when comparing options:





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