Call for LiveCode projects: LiveCode and Science at MozFest this weekend.

David Bovill david at
Tue Nov 3 09:54:35 EST 2015

This weekend at MozFest - we are running
a series of workshops over the weekend using Livecode, and Raspberry Pi's.
We are looking to raise interest in Livecode, and to attract developers to
your projects, helping build communities around open source software

If you have an open source software project and you would like to attract
developers, or volunteers to the project, and present it at MozFest - let
us know about the project either here or off-list and we can present it /
organise a workshop around the project.

We will be helping to organise a series of online coding sessions as a
successor to the LiveCode TV project we started a couple of years back -
but with a new platform and new methodology. This means even if you can't
make it to MozFest this weekend in London, you can take part online and
follow this up with regular weekly coding sessions, where we can all get
together code, talk, and generally hang out around great open source

Any proposals or thoughts on projects that could benefit from getting a few
heads around it, or new topics that you would like to learn about or open
source libraries that you think the community should / you would like to
help out developing?

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