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Hi Stephen,
I think Apple dropped support for QuickTime VR movies in AVKit - which is the current Movie framework for OS X. Apple deprecated QuickTime and QTKit in OS X 10.9 and you can't now sell apps in the app store that link against QuickTime. You're supposed to move to AVKit and AV Foundation. 

If you look at the Release Notes for the latest versions of LiveCode it gets a mention on the section on Cocoa Support.

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> Thanks for the suggestion Jacquie.  Unfortunately, the problem with relative paths resetting to absolute remains
> even if “always use absolute file paths for images” is unchecked.  There appears to
> be a true problem with movies in the LC 6-7 series on Macintosh. It appears impossible to
> set a relative movie path on the Macintosh in the LC 6-7 series, and thus in Macintosh builds for Windows, the player movies will not play.
> As mentioned, I could not even get a Quicktime VR to play on the LC 6-7 series on Macintosh (Windows works well). Can anyone get a Quicktime VR movie to play on Macintosh in the LC 6-7 series? Everything worked fine in
> LC 5.5.3 for Macintosh.
> Also, videoClips appears to be broken, as the videoClips property inspector
> will not set the loc of the movie.
> Does anyone have an idea of how high on the priorities list the movie problem is?
> I would think that a basic control like the Player ought to be working.
> Stephen Goldberg
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>> Check the preferences
>> setting in the Files and Memory pane. If you have 
>> set the preference to
>> ”always use absolute file paths for images" it may 
> .apply to movies too.
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>> I  confirm bug 14435 reported by Devin Asay regarding the
>> current problem with creating movies on Macintosh using LiveCode versions in the
>> LC6-7 series. This is a significant problem since it appears impossible at this
>> point to create standalones on the Mac that will display player movies on
>> Windows. This is because in the  LC 6-7 versions for Mac (preliminary version 8,
>> too) once a relative path is placed in the Property Inspector filename window of 
> a movie player on Mac it immediately reverts to the absolute >path on closing the Inspector.  
> I could not assign a relative path by >script either.  This makes it
>> impossible with LC 6-7 versions to create a standalone on a Macintosh for
>> Windows that contains a functioning player movie, since there is no relative
>> path in the player Property Inspector, and Windows therefore doesn?t recognize
>> the movie.
>> There an additional problem: The later Mac versions of LC
>> apparently will not display a Quicktime VR movie on the Mac. Can anyone display
>> a Quicktime VR movie in the Mac LC 6-7 series?
>> I use a lot of movies, and
>> therefore have stayed with Mac LC version 5.5.3, which works
>> fine.
>> Interestingly, these problems do not exist with LiveCode for Windows.
>> The movie player in Windows (Vista) with  LC 7.0 remembers the relative path.
>> Also in the Windows version there is no difficulty in displaying a Quicktime VR
> movie.  
> And yet another movie problem: Trying to change the loc of a
> movieClip in its Property Inspector does not work (for me) on Mac or Windows in
> Mac versions 5.5.3 or later or in Windows 7.0 (the only Windows version I have
> tested); the movieClip always appears in the same location on the screen
> regardless of where the loc is set in the movieClip inspector.
>> There is thus
>> a triple  whammy regarding movies, involving Quicktime player movies, Quicktime
>> VR movies, and videoClips. I hope these problems are corrected soon, as movies
>> are an important feature of LiveCode, particularly for educators.
>> Stephen
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