7.0 just let me paste from a PDF!

Richmond richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Sun Mar 22 04:20:59 EDT 2015

On 22/03/15 00:13, Mike Bonner wrote:
> Some pdf's are just that.  An image of a page, so it would probably only
> work for some pdfs.  However, if you can get an entire page showing on
> screen appearing as you like it, you might be able to set up a hotkey for
> "import snapshot" with no other arguments, at which point you get a
> crosshair cursor and can drag around the pdf page and end up with an image
> that way.
> Probably not the best method but it does work.

Yup! This will ONLY work if the PDF has an embedded text layer.

----------- Tedious personal story starts now -------------

I found a PDF of a nascent PhD thesis of my wife's (she got her PhD on 
the basis
of an entirely different thesis at a different University to the first 
attempt) lurking
on a ZIP disk. So I thought "Yippee" . . .

I could not have been more wrong.

While the document was a PDF it had been prepared on Mac OS 8.1 and did
not contain an embedded text layer.

In the end I had to install Mac OS 9.2 on my G3 iMac, crack open the 
ClarisWorks document and copy-paste into a Microsoft Word 6 document
to port it to LibreOffice 4.3 on my wife's Linux box.

----------- Finished my burble ------------

If you want to extract text from a PDF which does not contain an 
embedded text layer you
have to mess around with OCR and so on; and, frankly, that is more 
trouble than it is
worth in 90% of situations.


What would be jolly nice would be if Livecode could import
embedded text from PDF documents that have a text layer directly
into a field.


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