Modals Blown Away

Ray ray at
Fri Mar 20 11:53:03 EDT 2015

Jackie - thanks for jumping in here.  No, that's no it.  What I'm 
finding though is that things start working again when I "stop using" a 
certain stack.  I would think locking messages before issuing the modal 
command would eliminate any conflicts with stacks that are being used, 
but evidently that's not the case.

On 3/20/2015 10:49 AM, J. Landman Gay wrote:
> Are there two stacks with the same name?
> On March 20, 2015 10:17:54 AM CDT, Ray <ray at> wrote:
>> Dr. Hawkins, Richard,
>> As I continue to wrestle with this I'm discovering there seems to be
>> some incompatibility between stack versions.  The main stack I have was
>> created long ago in 6.5.2.  It runs fine in 7.0.2.  If I make a new
>> main
>> stack in 7.0.2 modals run fine in the new stack.  But then, if I try to
>> make the new stack a substack of the original main stack created in
>> 6.5.2 Livecode won't accept it.  The "Main Stack" pull down in the
>> stack
>> properties simply flips it back when I try to save it.
>> Ideas?
>> On 3/20/2015 10:05 AM, Dr. Hawkins wrote:
>>> On Fri, Mar 20, 2015 at 6:32 AM, Richard Gaskin
>> <ambassador at>
>>> wrote:
>>>> I use modals extensively and haven't seen this, but I haven't used
>> v7.0.2
>>>> in weeks and only briefly when I did, so I have no input on that
>> specific
>>>> version.
>>> I've used pretty much every version and subrelease since around
>> 7.0.1, I
>>> think.  I use the product in my daily practice.
>>> The only problem I've had with modals (and one is used every time I
>> open a
>>> client file, and another was used to launch form generation until a
>> week or
>>> two ago) is that hitting a red pirate code dot that actually causes a
>> break
>>> while a modal is opening frequently means having to force-kill
>> livecode
>>> (sometimes shift-cmd-> will set it running again, sometimes not).
>>> I've never had one not open.
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