Differences in burning programs on OS X

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I've used MacImage on PC for years. I don't know if there is a Mac version.
It works flawlessly. MacImage allows you select files that are visible only
in the ISO(PC) view or only in the HSF(Mac) view or both. For example this
keeps the autorun files from cluttering up the CD/DVD when viewed on a Mac.

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I always thought CD burning tools on OS X only were GUIs for the build in
system burning function.

As I recently created a new hybrid CD with the freeware tool LiquidCD, it
took 1-2 minutes on windows machines to open it, where it took seconds on my
Mac. First I thought it would be a problem of that special CD drive or that
computer, but it was almost the same on different windows machines. I burned
several times more the same data, to see if there was a problem with that
CD, but the performance didn't got better. After several more tests I bought
Roxio Toast and burned the same data and voila, the CD was read and opened
in less than 10 seconds on windows.

Just to let you know in case someone has to handle these old school media
for both platforms.





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