Equilateral Triangles

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Tue Jun 16 15:11:14 EDT 2015

On 16/06/15 19:12, Randy Hengst wrote:
> What’s your goal? Why not move the spots?
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Cripes . . . spoilt for choice as so many people have come up with great 

I have a set of images constituting a complete Triomino set : 

[my personal triomino set has spots rather than numbers, so that is what 
I used as a base for my images + the
fact that ALL my computer programming course kids have been playing & 
falling in love with my triomino set
(games of this sort - i.e. ones where you use your brain) are 
unobtainable in Bulgaria]

Now, to match sides of trionimoes the pieces have to be rotated.

So far, as far as I can tell, the following solutions have been offered:

1. Make the images up using graphics inside Livecode.

2. Work out a way to centre an equilateral triangle inside a square.

3. Make multiple images to replicate each rotation of the original 
playing pieces.

#1 seems well-nigh impossible as it would involve grouping graphics and 
/or graphics and images, which would, again, end up
with rotation problems.

#2 Similar.

#3 Although this will mean that the finished job will suffer from slight 
bloat it does seem the best way forward.

Having said that, nothing doing till the weekend as, currently my kids 
are getting all worked up about drop targets,
which they need to get their heads round before any triominos.

Thank you, everyone.

Love, Richmond.

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