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Thu May 29 17:00:11 EDT 2014

I know there is work being done on the documentation. I’d like to add my voice to those who are wanting and needing better, more useable documentation. Just recently, I tried to find out how to initialize a tabbed button. Nothing in the dictionary. But, a google search took me to the right lesson on the livecode site, where I found the solution in the user comments. In fact, I’ve found Google searches to be my best friend in finding livecode help.

I don’t consider documentation on how to initialize an object to be obscure, though. Seems quite basic, and setting the menuHistory seems like something folks fairly new are not going to guess as something to set to initialize a tabbed button.

I don’t consider tutorials as the best repository for documentation for folks who are accustomed to programming, but fairly new to livecode, like me. The problem is the varying depth of documentation that someone needs. For many, the tutorial on the tabbed button would be fine. But as a person advances, a deeper set of information is needed. I would think that the dictionary could include a link to more detailed information, like the properties, to tutorial and examples, etc. Personally, I don’t want to paw through a lot of example stacks trying to find what I need. The example stacks are wonderful as a starter for some, and I will use them too, but adding an object and trying to find out more than the most basic details and commands can be frustrating. The dictionary is helpful, but could be so much more.

That said, I am finding livecode to be an excellent platform for performing the kind of work I do, which is to create inquiry resources for educators. The community is active and helpful and Richmond’s pithy and seemingly off the cuff comments are always amusing.

Have a good day,
Bill Prothero

William A. Prothero, Ph.D.
University of California, Santa Barbara Dept. of Earth Sciences (Emeritus)
Santa Barbara, CA. 93105

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