[TIC: Tongue in Cheek] Re: IDE oddities (was Re: Error Messages Are Evil)

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Thu May 15 18:34:38 EDT 2014

Well, always good to anticipate future-proofing. :)

On another note, as I promised you last week I did ask Ben if RunRev 
planned on open-sourcing the On-Rev real-time debugger.  He's not sure 
and will check with Kevin, but he did confirm my hunch that it requires 
specific sockets open on the server so it won't be useful for anyone on 
a shared host, only a dedicated server where they can run custom 
daemons.  I'll let you know when I hear back from him on that.

Also, he let me know that the developer working on it reports that he's 
about a week or two away from completion.  Nothing set in stone, of 
course, because it's a busy place there with team members wearing 
multiple hats, but at the moment things look promising for a rollout of 
the new On-Rev debugger reasonably soon.

  Richard Gaskin
  LiveCode Community Manager
  richard at livecode.org

Alex Tweedly wrote:

> On 15/05/2014 21:29, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>> As an example of this workflow in action, we have a simple fix here:
>> <http://quality.runrev.com/show_bug.cgi?id=11493>
>> Since the code change is comprised of adding only five characters to a
>> comparison string and can be easily seen in the Message Box, no unit
>> test is required for that one.
> I confess I have not read the guidelines on making code contributions,
> so I don't know which step includes code review by general onlookers -
> so here's a quick code review of this change.
> The proposed change is summarized as:
>> Currently:
>>     if the platform is "MacOS" then
>> Should be:
>>     if the platform is in "MacOSLinux" then
> I'd regard that change as unsafe for the following reason.
> Currently Apple have reached version 10 (i.e. "X") of MacOS, and version
> 7 of IOS. I suspect these may merge in the future, and be named either
> simply "OS" or something like that. Now, given enough years, the version
> number will reach 50, i.e. in Roman numerals, "L" - and so be called
> "OSL". This could result in a false positive in the above test, since
> OSL is a substring spread across what are really two distinct parts of
> "MacOSLinux".
> I'd therefore propose that this test should be something more like
>     if the platform is among the items of "MacOS,Linux" then
> However - I've not actually tested that, nor checked whether the itemDel
> can be safely assumed at that point in the script - so you should
> probably ignore this suggestion :-)

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