Does exists LiveCode Server Portable...

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Wed May 14 18:43:09 EDT 2014

Richard Gaskin wrote
> What do you mean by "portable"?
> Servers run many services, LiveCode being just one. 
> They also need DNS. So using LC Server under Apache
> at a Web host seems a good way to go, no?
> Besides, neither mchttpd nor any other standalone 
> will do quite what LC Server does in terms of mixing 
> HTML with executable LiveCode. The merge function 
> available to standalones is quite different from the one 
> called implicitly in Server (no control structures, for example).
> mchttd can be a good solution for providing specialized 
> services, but for integration with publicly accessible 
> servers LC Server is the way to go.

Then, mchttpd could work as new starting point
for this shelved project:

(Some days, I feel sad, really sad about the current state
of teacher's mental development in the place where I live... 
but hope still remains. What I would do when it's gone?)  :-(


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